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Sahara Group Tasks Stakeholders On Africa’s Energy Transition

Sahara Group Tasks Stakeholders On Africa’s Energy TransitionSahara Group has said the 2022 Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition of the Society of Petroleum Engineers should lead the conversation of exploring best possible policies and partnerships to propel seamless energy transition for Africa.

With the theme: ‘Global Transition to Renewable and Sustainable Energy and the Future of Oil and Gas in Africa,’ NAICE 2022 holds from August 1-3, 2022, in Lagos.

Speaking ahead of the event, the Director, Governance and Sustainability, Sahara Group, Ejiro Gray, was quoted in a statement to have said Africa has a peculiar situation that requires a different approach.

“As a continent where a significant number of countries operate a mono-cultural economy or at a minimum, are highly dependent on revenue from fossil fuel development and production as the main driver of economic activity, the anticipated rate of change should take cognisance of Africa’s peculiar situation,” she explained.

Gray who would moderate a panel on, “Driving the Net-Zero Global Energy Transition in an Inclusive Manner,” at the conference, added that a sudden and sweeping deviation from a fossil fuel dominated energy sector may leave developing economies in dire straits.

“On the contrary, the absence of traction in the energy transition movement is likely to come at a significant cost to the continent and leave us stranded due to radical changes in policy direction and demand for our main export commodities. One key question then is, how and where do we strike the balance,” she queried.

According to her, “a better way would be for developed countries to smooth the transition by offering three resources to emerging economies: time to adjust, financial aid, and policy assistance.”

Sahara’s upstream company, Asharami Energy would feature panelists, technical papers and young engineers at the conference in keeping with Sahara’s commitment to thought leadership and promoting excellence and sustainability in Africa’s upstream operations.

Sahara would also host curated sessions with stakeholders and young professionals at its booth during the conference.

Chief Operating Officer, Asharami Energy, Henry Menkiti, said Africa has an opportunity to create a model efficient for the continent through collaboration, progressive review of processes, human capital transformation and investment in technology.

“Energy transition is upon us already. But the good news is that we can chart Africa’s unique path by making our strengths count and deploying fit-for- purpose energy transition sources in line with national development plans on lowering carbon emissions,” he said.

Sahara Group is already exploring renewable options to drive its power generation and distribution solutions to enhance energy transition and environmental sustainability.

Mariah Lucciano-Gabriel, Risk Analysis Manager, Asharami Energy will speak at the panel on “operationalising a clean energy transition for sustaianable development in Aftica”, while Yisa Adeeyo, Senior Reservoir Engineer at Asharami Energy, will present a paper on “Random Forest Ensemble Model for Reservoir Fluid Property Prediction.”

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