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New Phone Trick Could Stop Your House From Burning Down

APPLE lovers were feeling happy that they can now access a new feature that can help prevent house fires.

You’ll need the right combination of gadgets to access the important feature.

Apple HomePods has a new Sound Recognition feature.

The speakers are now said to be able to sense when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is going off in your home.

You can then get an alert sent to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch so you can be aware of the situation if you’re not at home.

Apple says: “With convenient new ways to manage everyday tasks and control the smart home, users can now create smart home automations using Siri, get notified when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is detected in their home, and check temperature and humidity in a room — all hands-free.”

The important feature is free and easy to use.

Apple first announced it in January but it has only just been made available to use.

You can access the feature via all HomePods and it’s easy to switch on.

First, open Apple’s Home app on your iPhone.

You should see a popup that says “New Safety & Security Features.”

Click “Continue” and then tap “Turn on.”

This will turn Sound Recognition on for your HomePod device.

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You can also find the feature by going to the menu icon in the Home app and scrolling to “Safety & Security”.

Click that option and then turn the “Sound Recognition” toggle on.

Then, you can turn on the “Smoke & CO Alarm” feature.

If you have several HomePods, you can use this menu to select which devices you could like to listen for the alarm.

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