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5G Network Is Very Safe To Use –NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has once again assured Nigerians that the newly introduced 5G network was very safe to use contrary to the allegation then that it was going to increase the risk of COVID-19.

This revelation was made at the weekend in Yenagoa by Emmanuel Avula, one of the panelists who spoke during a two-day stakeholders consultative forum organized by NNC and christened talk to the regulator.

Avula who represented the Director of Spectrum Administration of the commission, Abraham Oshadami assured that as far as sunlight cannot penetrate people’s body to break their bones, the 5G network will also not break people’s bones.

Disclosing that over 60,000 people were already using the 5G network, he sta that there was no resurgence of COVID-19 through the usage.

He said “On a 5G network, if the sunlight cannot penetrate and break your bones, then you will understand that the radio waves which have been with us over the years cannot break your bones. Just understand that the frequency that is being used now has been there over the years. It was just refined for 5G at the moment and if sunlight cannot harm people, then understand that you are very safe with 5G.

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“There are over sixty thousand people already using the 5G network and there is no resurgence of COVID-19.

Also speaking as one of the panelists, Banji Ojo, head of consumer policy development and monitoring of the commission said that the commission has invested hugely in the society stating that there was nobody in the room that has not benefited from the commission’s corporate social responsibilities.

He said “NCC has given back to the society in different forms. We train journalists, the judiciary, and students among others.

“We have school programmes under which we have 4 million items like school acquisition programmes, installation of computers, equipping of laboratories, giving of laptops to researchers. We have CBTS computer-based ICT centers for jambs and for WAEC across the country including Bayelsa state.

“Conservatively, NCC has done over a thousand projects between 2014 and now. There is a department in the commission called research and Development. Under that department, the commission has spent over half a billion naira in grants to researchers to conduct research that relates to the telecom industry.

Usman Mamman in his submission said that the telecom industry was a competitive one wondering why some people destroy mast located in their area.

Mamman said “The telecom industry is competitive. You will be surprised that some people don’t know what a mast is. They see it as something that you can pull down, sell things, and make money.

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“They don’t know that they are creating a challenge for themselves because the day they will need it to communicate, there will be no network for them to communicate.

Pleading with the journalists to help educate the masses, he said “You journalists please use this opportunity to help us educate the public on this. We all know that everything hinges on the network, you want to check your WAEC result, it is with the network.

“Let everybody come together to arrest this situation, the citizenry the telecom operators, the government. Without this infrastructure, you can’t have the network. Let us all work together to keep the telecom industry going.

Speaking in her capacity as the zonal controller of NCC South South, Venny Eze said that the commission knows that some areas have not been covered stating that “We have come across some people complaining that they don’t have a network around their place.

She continued” I have been channeling the complaints to the appropriate authorities for them to take action.

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