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ITU And AI For Good Global Summit 2023: ML In Communication Networks

The ITU 2023 Summit which was held in Geneva, Switzerland between the 5th – 7th of July 2023 brought together experts and researchers in academia and industry in the field of AI/ML and communications. Leading experts discussed the current state of AI/ML and how these techniques will shape the future of 5G and beyond.

Generative AI is all you need?

This session (ML in communication networks) starts with an imaginary (?) scenario where generative AI has taken over the networks. Use cases are generated by fine-tuned models, architectures, and code, including test code generated by copilots and ChatGPT(-likes); digital twins including scenarios and objects are generated by AI-enabled gaming engines; and MLOps pipelines are triggered autonomously.

The event at the AI for Good Global Summit, according to organizers was meant to showcase the capabilities, but also the limitations, of robotics and how those technologies could help the U.N.’s sustainable development goals. The media event featured introductions from the robots’ companions or creators and a round of questions to the robots from reporters.
And while the robots vocalized strong remarks—that robots could be more efficient leaders than humans, but wouldn’t take anyone’s job away or stage a rebellion

Experts presented their views, including important challenges such as data collection and modeling in networks, AI-empowered features in 6G, and the current state of MLOps. Discussions were focused on questions such as whether networks ready are for this, and identifying some of the major areas which need further study including current standards and gaps.

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Dr. James Agajo, Associate Professor with a Ph.D. in the field of Telecommunication and Computer Engineering FUT Minna represented Nigeria at the Summit.

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