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Hollywood Is On Strike As Actors Join Writers To Strike

Hollywood is on strike as Actors join Writers to strike. The writers and actors think they are striking against the studios, but in reality, they are trying to fight change.
The background to all this is Artificial intelligence.
Take Game of Thrones; it’s a book. Hollywood would buy the rights to that book and then get screenwriters to write it for a movie or series. The problem is I, Kalu, can buy Chat GPT and tell it to write me an Igbo version of Game of Thrones but make John Snow from Ohafia. Chat GPT will do it in 15 seconds. Writers demand that Chat GPT pay them a fee for using their work. They have a point. The problem is that the world is changing, and programmable jobs will die off.
Add to this, a Studio will create an avatar that will act in movies; thus no need to hire Tom Cruse or Jim Iyke, no salary, no trailer, and the audience won’t tell the difference. The avatar can speak 100 languages, can’t forget his lines and won’t join a union.
The studios see the change coming, and the writers do too, so this strike will eventually get resolved, and pay will rise for writers but long term, Ai will render them jobless. Just like cars rendered good horses obsolete In economics, it is called destructive change, aka Schumpeter.
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