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Blue Apple Educational Foundation Launches NESTEC 5th Edition

Blue Apple Educational Foundation (BAEF) in collaboration with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Nigeria Section announced its highly anticipated event, The 5th National Engineering Science and Technology Essay Competition (NESTEC), set to be a platform for showcasing the brightest minds in the field of engineering and science. Following the success of its previous editions, NESTEC continues its mission to unlock untapped potential among youths and promote innovation in engineering and technology. NESTEC has become a beacon for aspiring engineers and scientists.

NESTEC opens invitation to all eligible students (undergraduates) across Nigeria to participate in this extraordinary journey of discovery and innovation. With the competition structured to ensure fairness, transparency, and integrity, every participant has an equal opportunity to shine and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Building on the success of previous editions, NESTEC aims to catalyse innovation and celebrate the boundless possibilities at the intersection of engineering, science, and technology. With a focus on research and creating opportunities for students and youths, NESTEC provides a platform for participants to showcase their talents and contribute to the advancement of society.

In light of recent events, the call for submissions for the 5th edition of NESTEC is now open. Participation in the competition is free, and students are encouraged to submit their papers showcasing their innovative ideas and research findings.

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For more information and to submit your paper, please visit www.blueapple-edufoundation.org and www.engineersforum.com.ng and join us in shaping the future of engineering and technology through innovation and inquiry.

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