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Ishola Olaniyi Wins ICEPT Best Technical Paper Award Twice

In 2016 in Jos, a young Ishola Eniola Olaniyi attended the 12th Nigerian Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers flagship event, International Conference and Exhibition on Power and Telecommunications, ICEPT as an usher (he was among the corp members recruited for that purpose). Little could anyone read his mind or understand the intellectual endowment of this chap.

Eniola could only observe things while moving delegates to their seats and attend to sundry needs of members. From time to time, Eniola will get engrossed with papers presented by those from the academic and industry players.

In 2017, Eniola made up his mind to present a paper in the same event in Abuja. He submitted a paper titled “Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Automation”. The paper went through the tedious process of vetting and screening. It was approved. Eniola became the youngest paper presenter that year and won the Best Technical Paper Award.

In 2018, he submitted four technical papers but only one titled “Optimization of Nigeria Electoral Process Using Blockchain Technology” was approved. Eniola again won this year’s award.

Engr Ishola Eniola Olaniyi obtained his engineering degree in Electrical/ Electronics and Engineering Technology from Kaduna State Polytechnic, Zaira. He pursued his PGD & MSc degree at University of South America, Delaware, USA.

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Eniola is an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Impact Assessor, certified Risk Assessor, and  certified Project Manager, Advanced Safety Manager, Quality Assurance & Quality controls (QA/QC), Quality Health Safety & Environment Competence  Development (QHSE) and his other professional qualifications cut across the following fields; manufacturing systems, control systems, data science, service, systems engineering, IT, and product design & development.

His research interest lies in RTOS, Microcontroller Units, Artificial Intelligence, Vision-based Autonomous Driving System, Drone Technology, Machine Learning, Robotics, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain Technology, Control System & Automation , Deep Learning, Embedded Software Catalyst, Electronic Terminal Management, Software Development and knowledge Management.

In his free time, he loves spending time conducting research and listening to music. He is the CEO of Kings Embedded Solutions Ltd.

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