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NASA Engineer Comes Up With Epic Revenge Package To Catch Amazon Delivery Thieves

An alleged thief stole a NASA engineer’s package, and he came up with an epic revenge by designing a fake Amazon box complete with GPS, a glitter bomb, a stink bomb and hidden cellphones to record thieves’ reactions.

Mark Rober said he was inspired to create the booby trap after a woman was caught on his home security camera walking up to his door and stealing a package off of his porch.

When he brought the surveillance video to the police, they said it wasn’t worth their time to investigate it, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

What he came up with was a package that, from all appearances, looked like an Apple HomePod with an Amazon sticker on it.

However inside is actually a high-tech box with a cup filled with glitter, a trigger to release it, a fart spray that whirls up and emits a stench every 30-seconds upon opening, and four hidden cell phones capturing the would be thieves’ reaction from every possible angle, regardless of where the box is opened from.

Rober had the perfect skills and network of fellow engineers to devise what he calls the ‘over engineered revenge bait package.’

He teamed up with his friend Sean Hodgins who makes custom circuit boards.

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This is unlike the typical bait package with a simple GPS that police have started leaving around in recent years to thwart would be thieves.

This particular bait package is far, far more humiliating.

Once Rober had completed the box, he and his friends decided to test it out by leaving them on their doorsteps.

The box is complete with a return address for Kevin McCallister, the Home Alone boy played by Macaulay Culkin who left a series of traps for burgles, Harry and Marv. The burglars are who the package is addressed to.

Rober documented the process on his YouTube channel in a video sponsored by private network service provider company NordVPN.

Rober tested the box out, and recieved a notification while he was at work that the glitter bomb box had been taken.

He followed the coordinates to a parking garage.

He recovered the box, and the recorded footage showed a man being covered by glitter, shouting profanity and clearly upset his car interior will be sparkle for days.

His video goes onto show several more thieves who had taken the bait.


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