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28% Delivery Drivers Are Eating From Customers’ Orders –Report

A new study by US Foods found that approximately 28 percent of delivery drivers eat from the meals they courier to consumers’ doorsteps.

Home delivery is booming, and it is no longer relegated to late night pizzas. Services like DoorDash have transformed many restaurants into de facto carryout joints, courtesy of Uber-esque private runners. The average American now has two different food delivery apps on his or her phone or tablet and uses them three times a month.

While 95 percent claim to tip delivery services regularly, customers are generally unwilling to pay more than $8.50 in fees above the cost of the meal — tips included. The numbers also do not exactly check out: A full 60 percent of drivers report their biggest problem with customers is receiving little or no pay for their work. That puts the aforementioned freelance cuisine carriers in a bit of a proverbial pickle, and many seem to be compensating by taking literal ones.

US Foods pulled those numbers from 1,518 adults who utilize the various delivery services, and 497 drivers. Of those surveyed, approximately 21 percent of customers are concerned about foreign fingers in their fast food. But (apparently) even more should be. About 28 percent of delivery drivers admit sampling the orders in their care.

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Consumer respondents were asked, “If you ordered a burger and fries, and the deliverer grabbed a few fries along the way, how upset would you be?” Responses could range from one for “no big deal” to ten for “absolutely unacceptable.” The average among customers was 8.4 — perhaps ironically, almost exactly the number of dollars they are willing to pay.

Source: Breitbart

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