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Renewable Energy Operators Hustle For Gencos Job

As the Federal Government plans to review its power  contract with the generation (GenCos)  and distribution companies (DisCos) , Renewable Energy operators  are already jostling to step into their shoes.

This is coming as the five -year contract signed between them and the  Federal Government  to generate and distribute electricity to Nigerians expires soon.

By December this year, that five-year contract would have expire and but renewable energy operators  are seeking opportunity to  have a piece of the pie.

The Executive Secretary of Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN), Lande Abudu, said that there is already a high demand for  the renewable solutions adding  that the operators in the industry would benefit from the termination of existing contract with DisCos and GenCos.

“There is already more demand than people could cope with renewable energy. So, if that could happen it will be a little bit beneficial. We will benefit if we can all have electricity and various ways we can choose to use it and deploy it. In any case,  in the  metering and other issues we all have to work together because the mini-grid still has to be paid for one way or another. Stand-alone system is small. You can’t have 10-work system in the centre of Abuja. It means you won’t meet the need of the people. So, we all need them to work properly” she said.

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Abudu,  however, said that  although the DisCos are working under harsh conditions, they should stop strangulating Nigerians.

“They are not working under ideal conditions. They also should stop strangulating everybody and holding us to ransom.

Everybody lays the blame  but the actual question that needs to be asked is,  are they delivering on what they were given? It is a privilege. There are  just 11 of them. Yes, they paid money for it but  it is still a privilege for them. They have to sort out a lot of things,” she said.

Source: The Sun

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