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Trucaller Unveils 3 New Features

Truecaller has unveiled three new features for its global users; Call Reason, Schedule SMS and SMS Translate.

Here’s a closer look at each of the new Truecaller features:

Call Reason

Call Reason enables users to set a reason for the incoming call, the receiver of the call will now have sight of why they are calling whether it be personal matters, business-related, or something urgent.\This was one of the most requested features in 2020 from users around the world and it is expected to help increase pick up rates, especially when someone is calling from a new number.

This feature will start rolling out immediately to all Android users and will be launching for iOS early next year.

Schedule SMS

Users can now schedule an SMS to be sent at a specific date and time by simply clicking the scheduling icon and choosing when you want the message to be sent (users will always be able to see the scheduled message in their chat).

This feature is available for Android users only.

SMS Translate

The app automatically detects if a foreign language is used in the messaging screen and will show that a translation is available.

This feature is powered by Google’s ML Kit, all messages are processed locally in the phone, which means the content of your messages never leaves your device. Language packs are downloaded to your device before translation begins. Users can also download additional languages to use them offline, anytime and anywhere.

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SMS Translate will only be available for Android.

“We are thrilled at the launch of Call reason, Schedule SMS and SMS Translate. We have been working towards building an innovative communication suite for our users, these new features are the next big step in line with our mission,” says Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Chief Product Officer at Truecaller.

“Communication in 2020 is easier with all the advancements in technology, but also complicated due to the various ways in which people connect for information. As a brand, we strive to stay true to the core principle of building a product for masses while always acting in the public interest. We are constantly listening to our users and want to help them by putting more power in their hands.”

All these features will be free for consumers.

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