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LG Driving Flexible OLED Technology To New Height

LG Electronics has disclosed that its upcoming line of Lifestyle OLED TVs is set to roll out at CES 2022 in more ways than one.

The general manager, Home Entertainment, TV Division of LG Electronics West Africa, Mr. Choongbae Seok, said as the market leader in OLED technology, the company assures its our customers that LG Electronics will continue to seek better ways to deliver innovative products that would improve their lifestyle.

The company also said in a statement that the newest line of TVs from LG include a work of art and a TV made to make watching TV in your home a more mobile experience.

‘‘With screens reaching sizes larger than 70 inches and resolutions reaching an astonishing 8K, one would think there is not much room for improving the TV experience. But as TVs get larger and come with higher resolutions, the companies that make them are continuously searching for new ways to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the viewing experience. LG’s new Lifestyle line of TVs aim to not only bring enjoyment to your TV viewing, but also gives you a new piece of art for your home.

‘‘The LG Objet TV will not only serve as a means of watching TV, but in its spare time will double as a work of art. It is designed to blend seamlessly into any room as it incorporates a minimalist style and slight use of neutral colors. With the press of a button on the included remote, you can raise or lower a fabric cover that mimics a canvas to reveal as much of the TV’s screen as you desire. You can choose to lower the fabric so that you can view the entire screen, or have only a partial part of the screen visible taking advantage of a curated selection of lifestyle functions.

‘‘If you are wanting to watch some TV, the Objet’s 65-inch OLED evo panel and advanced processor will offer up a purportedly gorgeous viewing experience to make content come to life with vivid and accurate color expression. To go along with the picture, LG has included an 80W, 4.2 channel sound system that will immerse you in whatever you are watching with what promises to be a theater-like experience. When you are not catching up on the latest binge-worthy Netflix series, you can use that sound system to play relaxing music as the screen displays a collection of space and nature-themed images when set to the Gallery,’’ the statement read in part.

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