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Damen Completes TechnipFMC Diving Support Vessel Repairs

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (DSAm) has completed a major maintenance program on TechnipFMC’s diving support vessel Deep Arctic.

The 156-m (512-ft) long vessel came to the yard primarily for a main class renewal (intermediate) docking and for maintenance including the renewal of the steel plates to her box coolers. To achieve this the yard removed 31 separate box coolers from the forward, midships, and aft sea chests.

According to DSAm, the preparations involved the disconnection of all the associated piping on both the coolers and the anodes, the removal of any associated deck plates and benches, and the installation of lifting pad eyes above the box coolers where required.

After removing the coolers, they were placed either on the floor of the dock, on the quayside, or into shipping crates specially fabricated by DSAm for transport to TechnipFMC’s specialists. Once all the overhauls and inspections were completed and the coolers returned, the yard reinstalled them all.

The works required renewing the box cooler steel plates included cropping the old sea chest plates and replacing them with new steel plates prefabricated in the yard’s steel workshop and machine shop.

Once the works were complete, all the interior areas affected, including the ballast water tanks, forward tanks, coffer dam tanks and hull plates, were treated with a coatings program, the company said. The yard also blasted and painted all the repaired sea chests and 16 additional forward sea chests.

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In addition, while the Deep Arctic was in the dry dock, the thrusters were overhauled including upgrades to her tunnel, retractable and Azimuth thrusters, six in total. The vessel’s propeller shaft and center line rudder also had their 10-year overhaul. These operations, the company said, all took place in close collaboration with Rolls-Royce and OEM.

Additional associated works included the fabrication of new piping for both tunnel thrusters, renewal of the lower gear units, repairs to the rudder stock actuator, and the overhaul of the stern tube seal boxes.

DSAm said it also performed many works at considerable heights. These included repairs to the gangway and load tests on the accommodation ladder and platform. Maintenance was also done to the structures of cranes no.1 (400T) and no.2 (58T), which included the removal of rust and painting the main and navigation masts and the helideck support structure.

According to the company, the 2,198 work permits were issued for this program. The work was completed with zero hours lost to injuries and restricted work cases.

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