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Concrete Column Kickers

Column kickers are constructed in columns to make the fixing of the formwork more convenient. Once the floor is concreted, there is a flat surface and there is no element/edge to fix the formwork.

Therefore concrete column kickers are constructed. Further, these kickers have identified as concrete kickers also.

In addition to the columns, kickers can be constructed for concrete walls also.

The concrete kicker is a very useful element in the building construction. However, there are some methods or alternatives to the column kicker. The following figure indicates the concrete kicker constructed for a column.

Column Kicker Construction

Let’s discuss the column kicker construction and about the things to be attended during the construction.

  • Generally, the height of the column kicker is 75mm.
  • Horizontal dimensions are the same as the column.
  • Concrete grade of the kicker shall be the same as the grade of the column.
  • Special attention shall be made in this regard and avoid the errors that occur during the construction.
  • Column kicker shall be roughened adequately.

Advantages of Concrete Kicker

  • It enables the fixing of the formwork more easily
  • It is easy to maintain the dimension of the columns and walls
  • Since the kicker is a small part of the column or walls, concrete can be done without any errors.
  • Concrete cover to the columns and walls can be maintained accurately.

Disadvantages of Concrete Kicker

  • Same grade of the concrete should be used. Supplying the small quantity of concrete could be difficult
  • Concrete pouring is difficult due to the small quantity and small area.
  • Compaction of the concrete is difficult due to the small quantity.
  • A small formwork is required to prepare
  • Accuracy of the formwork is very important. A little error in the construction could reflect the construction of the whole element.
  • Comparatively, it is a difficult construct.

Alternative to Kicker

Due to the disadvantage and construction difficulties, the construction of kickers is avoided. Instead of constructing the kicker, plywood is fixed around the area of the column.

Then the formwork is fixed to the plywood. The plywood fixed to the floor concrete is used as the guide to the formwork fixing.

The use of this method avoids the majority of construction errors.

Proper setting out and inspection of the formwork after fixing avoid the errors in the construction.

Further, as usual, we are doing, formwork shall be checked after the concrete to know whether there are any deviations that are not acceptable.

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